5 Random Thoughts on the Upcoming College Football Season


With two exceedingly boring football games appearing on ESPN it has become official: college football is here. The week we have been waiting for all summer is here. For at least one week, all fans out there can have unrealistic hopes of their team holding the crystal football at the end of the season (except for USC fans, of course.) By week 4, thanks to the absurdity of the BCS system, plenty of schools will be out of it. But for now let us revel both in hope and these five random thoughts. Continue reading

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What’s the Deal With Baseball Injuries? Some of MLB’s Craziest Injuries

Classic joke setup! Also, third Seinfeld reference to date on FDT.

The New York Yankees had a couple of pitchers get injured this week. Andy Pettite sustained a completely normal injury while pitching on Sunday. A.J. Burnett sustained a completely weird and moronic injury after slamming his hands into the clubhouse door (he was angry because he’s a bad pitcher.) These events were considered “not very tragic” because A. nobody likes the Yankees and B. What kind of pansy injures himself on a door? Seriously. Continue reading

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John Daly!

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What’s the Best All-Star Game?

Or maybe it's the Mario Bros

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National League Gets the Monkey Off Its Back (and All Around All-Star Game Banter)

Imagine having this on your back for 14 years. I bet it smells awful.

A bases clearing double by Brian McCann was all the offense the NL pitchers needed to give the NL its first All-Star Game win since 1996. The NL should have realized a long time ago that all it takes to win the game is to put it in the hands of the Braves; the last time the NL won Bobby Cox was managing the game. Continue reading

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MLB All-Star Game

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Winners/Losers of the Lebrocalypse

I’ve just covered what I think the move to Miami means for LeBron, but we can now take a step back and look at the larger picture.

The Winners: Continue reading

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