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What’s the Deal With Baseball Injuries? Some of MLB’s Craziest Injuries

The New York Yankees had a couple of pitchers get injured this week. Andy Pettite sustained a completely normal injury while pitching on Sunday. A.J. Burnett sustained a completely weird and moronic injury after slamming his hands into the clubhouse … Continue reading

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What’s the Best All-Star Game?

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National League Gets the Monkey Off Its Back (and All Around All-Star Game Banter)

A bases clearing double by Brian McCann was all the offense the NL pitchers needed to give the NL its first All-Star Game win since 1996. The NL should have realized a long time ago that all it takes to … Continue reading

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MLB All-Star Game

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Your Opinion on Technology and Sports Officiating

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Accountability (and Technology) in Sports

This seems to be a year when officials are really taking it on the chin. A group of SEC football officials were suspended for blowing two games, Jim Joyce cost a pitcher a perfect game and Koman Coulibaly cost the … Continue reading

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Seinfeld > Lady Gaga

Last week Lady Gaga provided me with another reason to hate her. It wasn’t another song of hers that got stuck in my head, or a weird homoerotic nazi music video that’s difficult to watch. No, it was the sight … Continue reading

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